Messy Lemons: What Happened?

Messy Lemons kind of just… fell away.


Life got crazy.

Curtis and I both got promotions within 3 weeks of one another, which sent our life on a totally different path than what we had planned when we got home from our Western Canada trip.

But before we got our promotions, I brought home Molly the schnauzu. She was 6 months old when we got her, and she’s coming up on her 1st birthday soon. She’s a ball of energy, and she’s been such a wonderful addition to our little family. Curtis and I are certainly more active, which was part of the reason we wanted a furry dogg-o companion. Since we don’t have any outdoor space in our little apartment, we need to take her on a few regular walks throughout the day. She’s crate trained as well, but that’s only for when we are gone to work.

Molly, and new jobs made for a really busy season in our lives. At this point too, I made a conscious decision to take a step away from Messy Lemons. I was not feeling passionate about what I was sharing, and with life getting busy, I made the choice to simply take everything offline.

After a bit of an adjustment period, soul searching and deep conversations with myself, I’ve decided I really do love spending time here, and sharing here.

And that’s where I’ve been… now, where is Messy Lemons going?

Well, Curtis and I have decided to tackle Messy Lemons together. Between us both, we have over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, both front and heart of house. We also truly love what we do, and are passionate about the industry. With that, and our transition to a mostly plant based diet, Messy Lemons will remain a place to share hospitality tips, tricks and stories, but also much more food. With that, Curtis is coming on officially as the Messy Lemons recipe developer! I will remain the main voice and content creator, but Curtis will be helping out a lot more behind the scenes. Maybe we’ll get his voice on here one day…


And that’s where Messy Lemons is right now! We’re still growing and adjusting, as the industry within which we live and work is an ever-changing mistress, but we are feeling confident and excited to move forward with Messy Lemons!