Reach. Movement. Action.

Reach. Movement. Action.


These three words are helping me shape and define my year. 

For me, I want 2018 to be the year I reach out of my comfort zone, make movements, and put ideas and goals into action. Everyone starts somewhere, and I've started, stalled and stopped so many times because of one huge thing.

That thing is Fear.

I've been afraid of failure, afraid of ridicule, afraid of so many things and potential outcomes that I just shut down. I don't even let myself give it 50%... let alone 100%.

I've been afraid of being BAD at something. Let alone be bad at something in front of anyone. 

The horror!

But wasn't that why I started Messy Lemons in the first place? Messy Lemons, and all my attempts prior have always, at the core, supposed to have been a place for me to share my attempts at DIY, food, photography, and trying to get life together in general (like how I can never seem to drink enough water.)

And so in 2018 I'm going to do my best to get over my fear of being bad at something... and just embrace learning experiences, and finally allowing myself to grow at things that I secretly want to be amazing at.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and so here I am... starting right here, right now. I invite you along for the ride.