Why I'm Finally Giving Up on Two Instagram Accounts

Since about 2015 I've had two instagram accounts, one for "personal" and one for "blogging". Every time I would have a picture I wanted to share, I had to choose between one account or the other... no way was I sharing the same picture twice in the same day on two different accounts. 


I've battled with having two accounts, two personas if you will, quite a bit over the past year. It's a weird thing to think about... what I want to share and what I don't on the internet and what account I share it too. Is it on brand? Will people like it? 

Slowly, I started sharing more and more food. My blog account slowly started to develop a brand... but I felt so disconnected. Some days I just want to share a picture of my feet, or share a picture of the pretty flowers... but I started to feel constrained within the blog. I didn't feel like I could share anything but food. I started to share some other things, while also sharing food... but it didn't feel right.

And you know why? Because over the last year I've also really worked really really hard at loving myself. My blog was something I could hide behind and not have to disclose who I was... because I really wasn't sure who I was. I could make up any person I wanted to be... but I don't feel that way anymore.

I want to be known as ME! I've got dreams that I'm chasing for ME now for the first time in what feels like awhile, and I want to own them as myself. This is just what feels right for me.

I want a space on that feels like mine, so I named it after myself ;)